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Performance Suspension Parts for Cherokee

Picture of Jeep Performance Suspension

Performance Suspension Parts for Jeep Cherokee

Terrafirma offers the largest and most comprehensive range of shock absorbers, coil springs, mounting hardware and suspension kits for Jeep & Land Rover vehicles in the market place.

The purpose of a vehicle's suspension is to support the weight of the vehicle and absorb impacts, maximising the tire's contact with the ground while maintaining stability and control.

The added benefits of long travel suspension are exponential. Taller suspension allows larger tyres to be fitted as well as allowing greater suspension movement. Raising the suspension will also increase approach, departure and ramp over angles allowing your Vehicle to overcome larger obstacles.

There is one thing that is paramount to safe and successful off road driving... Traction! keeping the tyres in contact with the ground is essential to maintain forward motion. While both Jeep & Land Rover can claim having class leading off road suspension straight out of the box even keen amateur off roaders quickly reach the limits of wheel travel and lose momentum with wheels in the air fighting for grip. Terrafirma Suspension Hardware is a range of chassis and suspension accessories designed to considerably improve your off road driving experience.

Increasing wheel travel or axle articulation with stability and balance is the key moving forward in really rough terrain.

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